Atlantic Kelp


_1Our Managing Director's work history includes many years working as a volunteer.  Of the many lovely people he's met during this time Liz Martin was one.  Liz, a volunteer worker at Volunteer Community Services Peaks and Dales (formerly known as Buxton Volunteer Centre), is blind.

The subject of Braille on labels came up during a conversation and the question was put to Liz if adding Braille to our labels would be nothing more than a gimmick or if it would actually be of real benefit to blind people.

Her reply was simple: "I wish more companies would do this" and so we set out to find a company who could produce our new self adhesive labels with Braille on them to identify our company and the product.

It wasn't as straight forward as first thought as the idea of Braille on anything other than drugs or chemicals is still a fairly new one but we got there in the end and the new labels are being slowly phased in over the next few months.

As a small company this has been a fairly exciting event and so on the back of this we contacted the RNIB with a bit of a 'look at what we've done!' approach.

We're hoping to work together with the RNIB in the near future in highlighting this issue and hopefully giving some bigger companies out there a bit of a push because if we can do it then they certainly can.

Our Managing Directors philosophy on things like this is simple: if you can do something that makes a positive difference to someone elses life then you should just do it.