Atlantic Kelp


devonshire_domeThe Atlantic Kelp Company’s managing director David Owens was invited to the University of Derby (Buxton) to guest talk on the subject of food and nutrition on Wednesday 25th April.

Although seaweed was mentioned the talk was about the broader aspects of nutrition and some of the difficulties each and every one of us face every day in eating a diet that’s packed with enough nutrition to enable our bodies to continue being fabulous.

It’s primary goal was to provoke the students into thinking about their health and diets and suggesting achievable healthy living strategies.

The talk covered:

  • The definition of nutrition.
  • A short history on the discovery of vitamins.
  • Alternative v science.
  • Malnutrition (a double edged sword).
  • Iodine deficiency in Europe.
  • Cancer (a man made disease).
  • Soil demineralisation
  • Smoking.
  • Seaweed and some of the wonderful things it can achieve. 

The talk content was kept purposely succinct due to the students being in the middle of exam time but despite this it was a receptive audience that greeted David Owens and they showed an enthusiasm for the subject of health and nutrition making it an enjoyable and interactive event for all who attended.

On hand were 2 chefs from the Universities restaurant who cooked two dishes of Bologna for the students as the talk progressed, one of these dishes had been cooked with the addition of seaweed.

During a short break everyone was invited to taste both dishes and share their thoughts on the taste and texture of the food. The cooking had taken part behind a projector screen and so only the chefs knew which one had been enhanced with the seaweed. One dish was described as having more depth than the other which appeared bland in comparison, this was of course the one with the seaweed added.

David Owens extends his warmest thanks to the University of Derby and all who attended the event.

Another talk is planned for this October.