Atlantic Kelp


organic gourmet celtic sea salt and seaweed 20140903 1617791165These new gourmet salts combine Celtic sea salt with our Organic Seaweed.Celtic grey sea salt is considered by many to be the finest sea salt you can buy.

Hand harvested in the Guerande region of Brittany France using only wooden tools there is no processing involved other than the efforts of it's harvesters.

The salt is famously grey and still damp to the touch, it's colour being attributed to unique minerals found in the soil from which it is harvested.

Combined with our Organic Seaweed these two classic ocean flavours compliment each other perfectly and give your dishes an incredible balance of flavours.

Pinch it straight out of the pot or use your Seasalt & Seaweed in a ceramic grinder.

To the original we've also added two additional flavours so you can enjoy this wonderful food with the additional savoury twist of garlic or the wonderful flavour and warmth of chillies.

You can buy your Seasalt & Seaweed from our eBay shop  and it will be available at your healthfood store from this Autumn.